How your dedicated CloudFactory team works for you.


Our unique combination of people who care, process excellence, and platform capabilities is the hallmark of our highest quality results for truly intelligent AI.



A highly trained workforce, skilled within any given platform, with the ability to easily shift and adjust as project needs require.



Flexible terms and pricing fit for purpose, we make it far easier for clients to predict cost and reduce the impact on margins.


Relationship + Communication

Responsive, engaged team leads and customer service to quickly manage any shifting parameters and attributes your business may require.

We’ve been able to significantly accelerate our data science research. That’s sped up product development, especially early on where we cut out half the time it took to do some initial training of the data.

Andy Abbott

Co-Founder & CTO, Heretik

The space that I’m in is going through an evolution. If you don’t have AI capabilities, you’ll be left behind. But I can’t focus on the product if I’m swamped doing people management. CloudFactory takes that burden off of us.

Company Founder

Medical AI Company

360+ happy clients have trusted us with their projects

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